Who is Jesus?

In our church we want the Lord Jesus Christ to be central. We love Him and worship Him as God.

It is our desire that you are able to do the same as well.


Jesus is God in the flesh or even more boldly we can say God with skin on! If God ever had a photograph taken He would look like Jesus!

Jesus is the Creator. He was there with the Father and Holy Spirit when all the universe was made. It was good and perfect then man's rebellion against God and sin spoiled it all.

Jesus is the sin bearer. A perfect sacrifce had to be made to cover sin and take the punishment due. God sent His only Son to do that for you and me.

Jesus is the risen one. God raised Jesus from the dead to prove He is truly the God/man and that the cross paid all the price needed for forgiveness of sinners who repent and believe.

Jesus is the triumphant one. Jesus was welcomed back into heaven as victorious because He had defeated the Devil, death, sin and hell. He remains there now praying continuously for all His followers.

Jesus is the returning King. One day God will send Jesus back to this earth that He helped make and rescued from sin to take full charge and reign here as total Lord.

Jesus is the coming Judge. Everyone will face Jesus one day. Those who knew Him personally are safe in His hands but those who rejected Him will face dreadful shame and eternal death.

Please call on the coming Judge to be your present Saviour!

If you would like some helpful literature or personal support send an email to our church office and we will get back to you as soon as possible.