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Within the youth work at RBC our desire is to invest into three areas of development. Discipleship, mission and leadership. We focus on these three areas throughout the week within the groups that take place. Information on those three groups can be seen below along with our mission statement. 

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Our Mission Statement

“Raising a generation of young people equipping them with the truth, that they may live distinctive gospel centered lifestyles as acts of worship & mission as they obediently walk in the plans and purposes God has for them.”

Let’s look a little deeper into the mission statement.

 It says “raising a generation of young people”. To raise a generation is to disciple a generation, to disciple a generation is to reach a lost generation. Raising a generation is to spend time in the community building relationships and trust with young people, sharing the Gospel and the love of Jesus, knocking down the divide that exists between community and Church. Raising a generation is to encourage new Christians in their daily walk with God. Through discipleship build their awareness and assurance of who they are in Christ and to encourage them to step into the purposes that God has predestined for them in the knowledge and power of the Holy Spirit.

The mission statement encompasses an acknowledgement of Father, Son and Holy Spirit and the importance and authority of His word in which to equip and empower us for the task that He is calling us to.


The Bridge

"Facilitating young people to reach out to young people". 

The Bridge is our Friday night youth group. It is aimed at year 7-11 and is held at Redruth Youth centre. Our desire is to have a safe space where young people can come and belong and be a part of a community. Our Friday evenings are split into two. From 6.15pm - 8:00pm We hold our youth drop in, 'this time is spent  playing pool, football, PS3 and engaging with the young people from the community. For anyone who wishes to spend time exploring the Christian faith we run a second group from 8.15-9.15 where and we spend some time looking at what the bible says about various topics through which we aim to encourage young people to see the relevance of Christ today and how He can be known in the 21st century.


"To encourage godly character development in each of the young people enabling them to live distinctive lives set apart by the living God." 

Engage is our Sunday morning group is for those aged between 12 & 15 .

Engage as the name suggests encourages young people to discover through engaging with God's word how they can live distinctive lives set apart from the world.

There are lots of opportunities to share together and pray together so a learning process takes place from everyone and not just the leader. 


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