Freedom in Christ

The Freedom in Christ course helps people grasp all that happened the moment they became Christians: who we are in Christ; the truth of God's unconditional love; why there is no condemnation; why we don't have to languish in cycles of sin, negative thinking and hopelessness.

Many have gone through the Freedom in Christ course at RBC and it has proved to be very successful. We are always encouraging others to do this course and will run one whenever the need arises.

If you are interested in joining a Freedom in Christ course please do get in touch with us via the Contact Us page.

Testimonies of those having completed FIC

'Freedom in Christ has completely turned my life around after being a Christian for 29 years'

'My husband asked me "what's happened?" Isaid "what do you mean?" he replied "there's no stress, I'm not used to it"'.

'I can say that this course has healed many hurts and fears.'

'I felt the coourse and especially going through the steps enabled me to break free from past hurts and dissapoinments and look forward and not back. You are led through the course in a gentle and informative way and there is plenty of opportunity to ask questions. The Holy Spirit guides you and you feel healed, restored and very special.'