Christians against Poverty

Our church have partnered with Christians Against Poverty to provide free debt counselling in Redruth, Camborne and Pool. Three other churches in the area also support our centre. Christians Against Poverty's (CAP) award-winning service offers debt-counselling and support to everyone with personal debts, regardless of age, gender faith or background. Our debt coach, with a volunteer, visits each client in their home, deals with the paperwork and CAP's head office negotiates with creditors on the client’s behalf. Call 0800 328 0006 or visit to find out more about how we can help


CAP Money Course at RBC

 What is CAP Money?

Want to get on top of your finances? CAP Money is for you. In just three sessions you will draw up your own budget and learn a money management system to help you stick to it. CAP Money gives you control of your money – you decide what you want to spend your money on and how much you want to save. CAP Money means you can plan your financial garden so it adds joy to your life rather than being an overgrown mess to battle with.  

 Contact us if you are interested in joining a course.

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