Vision/Mission Statements

Our Mission Statement

"RBC seeks to exist as a loving Christian community working together to make disciples for the glory of the Lord Jesus Christ".

We have been given a mission by God to go make disciples. So what does that look like here in this community in the 21st century? 
RBC seeks to exist - As the church we are not called to go through life without purpose. As children of God we have a purpose because of the race that He has set before us (Heb 12:1-2)
As a loving Christian community - we cannot underestimate the profound difference it makes to take a hold of this and live it. If our message to broken world is that the is a better way of life, Jesus, then are they not going to look at us and look at the alternative. If all they see is a people that attend meetings and programmes then what they see is a club but if they see a people who love one another, will do life together, that says something very different. When people see that they are either offended because that is what the gospel does, or they will be attracted and drawn.
Working  together - We are called to labour for the gospel. Not in isolation but together like the city on a hill with lots of different lights shining with one purpose. Where there is unity God commands His blessing. Community is to have a common unity. 
To make disciples - this is the mission that God has called us to, to make disciples. God is a missional God, therefore the church should be a missional.
For the glory of the Lord Jesus Christ - We wanted something that is distinctively Christian, in today's society people have all sorts of ideas about God. It also says something of our motive, everything that we do we do to the glory of God.